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IRSP: Solidarity with the PFLP


Irish Republican Socialist Party
International Department
13 December 2003

Solidarity with the PFLP

The Irish Republican Socialist Party sends solidarity greetings to
the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the occasion of
the party's 36th anniversary. Our own organisation has just
celebrated its 29th anniversary on the 8th of December, and is
proud to continue to represent the militant expression of the Irish
working class in seeking national liberation and socialism, just as
we believe the PFLP continues to represent those intertwined and
inseparable objectives for the Palestinian working class.

We continue to support the just and democratic perspective of the
PFLP, that a two-state solution to the struggle of the Palestinian
people is not a viable option, just as we refuse to consider
accepting the partition and continued occupation of our own nation,
resulting, as it does, in an unviable two-state formulation.
Likewise, we share with the comrades of the PFLP the recognition that
only by overturning the system of capitalism and replacing it with
socialism can those oppressed by the forces of imperialist
exploitation hope to achieve a true expression of national

We have said before and we reiterate now that the PFLP represents
the most advanced section of the Palestinian nation and is the
representation of the interests of the working people of Palestine,
no matter what their national origin. It is the programme of the
PFLP which today offers a way forward to the defeat of Zionism and
imperialism, the national liberation of Palestine, and the victory of
the Palestinian working masses over the exploitation of imperialism
and capitalism. We salute your courage in the face of relentless
opposition and your steadfastness in defending the interests of the
Palestinian nation and the working class of Palestine, who comprise
the vast majority of that nation.

Is mise le meas,

Peter Urban and Terry Harkin
International Department
Irish Republican Socialist Party


Republican Socialist Publicity Bureau
392 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6DH, Ireland
Tel/Fax: 028 90 330786
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